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    The Early Nutrition eAcademy (ENeA) is a free of charge e-learning co-operation by the Early Nutrition Academy (ENA) and the Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital at the LMU Medical Center, Munich. ENeA's aim is to provide e-learning modules on topics in the area of early nutrition by incorporating the latest scientific findings from international research projects such as the EarlyNutrition, EARNEST and other co-operating projects and initiatives which are funded by the European Commission.

    The e-modules are designed for health care professionals and new investigators in the area of early nutrition throughout the world who are aiming to improve health care services whilst fostering their careers.

    The modules are especially aimed at pediatricians, gynecologists, general practitioners and midwives or nurses who have close contact with pregnant and lactating women, their infants and young families, and who are interested in obtaining Continuing Medical Education. The modules are created and peer-reviewed by leading experts in the field.
    We invite you to join ENeA by creating a personal account under Registration.

    Come and find out more about ENeA and the fascinating field of early nutrition!

  • 欢迎来到早期营养学会的官方网站(ENeA)

    早期营养学会(Early Nutrition eAcademy,ENeA)网站是一个免费的电子网络学习平台,由德国慕尼黑大学医学中心Dr. von Hauner儿童医院协同欧洲早期营养学会(Early Nutrition Academy, ENA)共同建设管理。 ENeA旨在通过整合最新的国际研究成果,为全球医疗保健专业人士,尤其是涉及早期营养领域的青年学者提供关于早期营养学在不同主题方面的理论和知识进展(如欧盟资助的项目EarlyNutritionEARNEST等),以助其提高医疗服务质量,促进自身的职业发展。






    请注意: 学习中文模块最好在中文界面下游览,请点击左上角的下拉菜单选择中文为平台语言。

  • Important Notice:

    Dear Participants,

    we are currently revising and extending our Module on "Breastfeeding". Right now unit 1 and unit 2 are available in the revised and extended version. If you haven't been here lately - check it out!

    The last unit of this module will be available in the revised version in a few months.

    We hope you enjoy our updates and extensions to learn about the latest research and recommendations regarding the importance of Breastfeeding!

    ENeA Team

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